Pet Sitting Newton Abbot, Contact us Now

Pet sitting Newton Abbot is our dream job in our dream location. We love the location we live in and we love meeting your beautiful pets and their gracious owners.
What’s better than looking after pets and reducing their stress? We don’t think there is anything better. Which is why we strive to help your pets be less stressed and happy to see you when you arrive.
We have a vast array of walking areas in Newton Abbot for dogs to enjoy during their day to day walks. Whether you take a walk in the lovely woods of Decoy Country Park, or the lush open park in Courtenay Park. Your dogs will enjoy their day here in Newton Abbot.

Pet sitting VS pet boarding

When leaving your pet during a holiday, do you really want to leave them in a boarding location? Your pet will be shut in a cage with other pets that are stressed. Their stress will stress out your pets. The stress levels cause a knock-on effect and you can end up coming back to a very fragile pet.
If you ask us to come and sit your pets, we will ensure their stress levels are kept to a minimum. We will visit you and your pets before taking on the job to ensure you and your pets are happy with us. We will also make sure we are happy to carry out any special treatments that your pets require. All in all, you will come home to a much happier pet and you will be less worried.
If you feel this is perfect for you when you plan on going on holiday, then feel free to contact us. We will do everything we can to ensure you and your pets are happy.